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WaterHorse Artistry

Where magick becomes art


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Wild & whimsical art by Merry Moonhawk.
Inspired by magick, folklore & the natural world. 

Hi! I'm Meredith - or 'Merry'.

I’m a full-time freelance artist residing and creating in Bedfordshire, England - although I dream that someday I’ll live and work by the sea.

I work mostly in colour pencils (Prismacolors are my weapon of choice), but I occasionally dabble in watercolours, acrylics and pastels when the fancy strikes me.

My creativity has always been inspired by nature - wildlife, trees, plants, the changing seasons, the elements, and everything else that goes with them. I draw ideas from walking in the local woods behind my house, as well as visiting and exploring remote, wild and ancient places. I often go out looking for animals, trees and other curiosities that I can weave into a new creation. I’m also fascinated by mythology, folklore and ancient wisdom traditions, as well as ideas of magick and mysticism.

All these weird and wonderful things are what feed my soul, and they inform and inspirit everything I do in my work.


Art & Illustration

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