'Fae' originally began life as a drawing of an Arab-type horse intended to be one of the Precious Stone Collection. For some reason though, I wasn't entirely happy with the initial sketch and I very nearly rubbed her out! But a split second change-of-heart interfered and instead I tucked her away and forgot about her. I stumbled across her image again several months later, and finally she told me that she knew who she was... At last I was able to finish her. If the faery folk of myths and children's stories have horses, I like to imagine they look something like this, with the colours of rainbows tangled in their windswept manes.


15cm x 15cm original illustration.

Prismacolor Premier Pencils on Daler-Rowney Earthbound sketchbook recycled paper.

Original SOLD.

Available to buy as art, clothing, decor, stationery, accessories and more on Redbubble...


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