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Gift Vouchers

Do you know someone who'd love a pet portrait or illustration commission, but you're not sure what size, style and colours they'd like?

Are you short of time to arrange a gift for a birthday or Christmas?

Is it impossible to get the photos of a loved one's animal companion without arousing suspicion and ruining the surprise?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then a Gift Voucher might just be what you need!

Gift vouchers can be purchased for any amount. Depending on your chosen value, they can either be used in exchange for a commissioned animal portrait or illustration, or can be put towards a commissioned artwork of a higher value than the voucher. If you would prefer that the value of the voucher is not noted on it for the recipient to see, please select a style of commission (as shown here on my Commission Prices page) when filling in the order form. Please note, even if a style of artwork is selected, the recipient is still welcome to top this up if they decide they would like something more!

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  1.  Vouchers are valid for one year from date of issue, unless otherwise agreed/specified.

  2. Once a voucher is redeemed by a recipient, they will be added to the end of my client waiting list; normally I have a waiting time of about 4-8 weeks, but I will be able to advise of a more accurate anticipated timescale at the point when they redeem the voucher, as this varies depending on time of year and current projects/commitments.

  3. Vouchers are non-refundable if the recipient chooses not to make use of their full value, unless otherwise agreed between the purchaser and myself before purchase of the voucher.

If you would like to request a gift voucher for a loved one, please submit the form below and I will invoice you for payment, normally within 48 hours of receiving your request. Your voucher will be issued and sent via your preferred method once payment has been received.

Request a Gift Voucher 
How Would You Like Your Voucher Sent?

Thank you for requesting a gift voucher! You will receive an invoice shortly and your voucher will be created and sent via your preferred method once payment is received.

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