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My Creative Reboot Interview

Good evening friends!

You may (or may not!) recall that a short while ago I recorded an interview with the wonderful Carla Watkins and Sarah Wayte of Creative Reboot - a fabulous and very exciting new podcast aimed at "creative souls, small business owners, side hustlers and dream chasers"…

Well, as a certified creative soul, small business owner and dream chaser, I'm SO excited to be able to tell you that my episode is now live! I cannot even begin to express how much I enjoy listening to this bubbly and colourful podcast, and to be featured on it as an 'entrepreneur' (still can't quite get my head around associating that word with myself!) makes me very, very happy.

You can listen to my episode on the embedded player just below, follow this link to hear it on the Creative Reboot website, or search for it on your favourite podcatcher. I'm subscribed to Creative Reboot on Apple Podcasts, but you may have another that works just as well for you.

I genuinely can't remember half of what we talked about when we recorded this, and I haven't actually listened to it myself yet because I was too excited to share it with you first. So, beneath the episode I've borrowed Carla's words to sum it up for you; she does a better job than I'd manage anyway!

Without further ado... We hope you enjoy the show!

Merry x


What we talk about...

(written by Carla from Creative Reboot)

Names, both given & chosen. Alter egos, personas and finding different facets of you. Merry’s creative journey and beginnings, and some unexpected turns in her work (we can probably all identify with those).

Day jobs and finding the balance between pay, enjoyment, progression and liking the people you work with. Whether that elusive perfect balance is actually even possible.

Horses (briefly)! A common thread which links lots of our guests and lots of creatives together.

Making your passion your work and the fears that go with that. Fears and doubts about actually running a business. Making the leap… and the multiple steps and leaps involved.

Going back to studying, going to the next level and finding the right course as a mature student (Sarah has some good experience here too!) – with a good dose of serendipity and making decisions when they feel right! Folklore and myth and magic, and the joy of studying a degree where you can go off and explore your own interests as part of it.

Seeing and creating differently and how doing what you really want to do changes everything. Silly questions people ask us, as students and as creatives.

Standing up and saying “this is what I want to do”. Following your gut & intuition, (we love when this stuff comes up!) Confidence.

Finding routines & trusting our own capabilities, making things work. Night owling, being excited to get into our work space, and the guilt that can sneak in uninvited.

Energy and how to manage it so we get the best out of ourselves, working on our own schedules and the weird expectations people have about time. (Episode Energy is helpful about this too!)

Making decisions and following them wholeheartedly. That sneaky fear that having made the Big Decision, what if you hate it? (spoiler alert – none of us have, it’s been the best decision ever!)

Support networks, because this is always an intriguing question with wonderfully varied answers. Honest but quirky people (we love this!!) and being surrounded by people who encourage you to follow your heart and dreams. People finding their way into your life just at the right time.

Sparking conversation and the opposite effect – weird things that people worry about on our behalf, even when we’re really fine with it.

Intriguing jobs – road sign design and CD production and all the jobs in the creative sector which exist but which you don’t think about, or even necessarily know exist.

Making creative professions more mainstream / acceptable as an option. Creativity naturally asserting itself outwards in a way you can’t ignore, and the strength of problem solving which creatives usually have.

Ludicrously long to do lists, not beating yourself up for not having enough hours in the day – this one is super relatable. Making the most of whatever mood you’re in and doing the things which suit that mood.

Balancing creative joy work and creative commission work. Running your business, working on your business, and making sure you’re also doing the creative thing which was the reason you started your business, and filling the well too.

Allowing new things to enter your creative process – and some really good advice from Merry!

A small note – this episode was recorded in the middle of 2020’s UK heatwave and we are all sweltering while talking!


If you enjoy my episode, please do share it (and the podcast!) with your creative-souled, dream-chasing friends! And if you feel so inclined, don't forget to subscribe to Creative Reboot too.

Merry x

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