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Sometimes happy accidents happen - especially in art! 'Serendipity' was originally a pony. This pretty windswept girl began life as a commission piece, but the client wasn't keen on the initial concept, so I put her to one side and started the commission afresh. A few nights later, I had a flash of inspiration and - after checking the client didn't mind me recycling the piece they hadn't wanted - picked her back up again. I lengthened her face, made her features more angular, lengthened her ears, pencilled in extra mane... and oh yes, added a horn! She is aptly named, and I confess one of my favourite pieces in my portfolio to date.


A4 original artwork.

Prismacolor Premier Pencils & Artist's Loft Pearlescent Watercolours on heavyweight cartridge paper. 

Original available.

Serendipity watermark web.jpeg

Available to buy as art, clothing, decor, stationery, accessories and more on Redbubble...

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