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The WaterHorse

'The WaterHorse' is perhaps unsurprisingly the first piece I created after WaterHorse Artistry came into being in 2014.

She was inspired by the ancient mythology of the Kelpie - the shapeshifting Celtic water spirit that haunts the lochs and pools of Scotland. Like many myths and legends, the tales vary depending on who you ask, but the Kelpie is commonly reported as a fearsome and malevolent creature. Most often they assume the shape of a horse, although some stories also speak of them adopting human form. In most tales it is said that they will lure their victims into the water where they will then ruthlessly drown and devour them. 

I don't think my WaterHorse looks particularly dangerous, but it's probably just as well - seeing as she's the flagship piece for WaterHorse Artistry! She was created for my logo and so isn't available to buy as prints or on merchandise, but she's too important a part of my journey to not include her in my portfolio. 

The WaterHorse Celtic kelpie scottish Mythology art illustration


26cm x 26cm original illustration.

Daler-Rowney Artists Watercolour Pencils on artist quality paper.

Creating The WaterHorse

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