Upon Wings Of Wisdom

'Upon Wings Of Wisdom' draws upon a previous artwork of mine called The Yuletide Brethren, which features a stag, a robin, a fox, a badger, a hare and - of course - a barn owl. Slightly fantasy inspired, a lot whimsy inspired, and a little Labyrinth inspired (big David Bowie/Jim Henson fan here!), 'Wisdom' features the barn owl from the Brethren, obscured by snowfall and stardust, caught up in the swirling winds of the darkest night of the year - the Winter Solstice.


11" x 14" original artwork.

Prismacolor Premier Pencils, Artist's Loft Pearlescent Watercolours and Windsor & Newton Artists Acrylics with added iridescent medium on Strathmore Bristol weight board.

Original available.

Available to buy as art, clothing, decor, stationery, accessories and more on Redbubble...


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